You would have seen many of your friends getting a smartwatch and then there are those appealing advertisements. You are in a dilemma whether to get yourself a smartwatch or is it worth the money. Well, if you are in such a position, here are a few benefits of owning a smartwatch. Check out smart watch price india.

1. Calling Features

You can use this feature in two ways. It can be used as a remote control to answer the call on your smartphone and make calls by asking Siri to dial the call for you. On the next level, if your smartphone has a speaker, microphone and has network connectivity feature, you can make your calls without actually using the smartphone. Now LTE or Long-Term Evolution smartwatches are becoming popular. it should be noted that these smartwatches have poor battery life as they get linked to a cellular network and drains the battery quickly.

2. Music playing features

Smartwatches don’t yet have the offline music playing feature, but they are a great company to anyone who wants to have music for their workout or any other outdoor activities. You can use it as a remote to control the music player of your smartphone. You could also pair the smartwatch with a Bluetooth headset and listen to music form the smartwatch through a headphone. Check out smart watch price india.

3. Health and Fitness feature

The smartwatches also come with other beneficial features such as fitness trackers. Your smartphone can track your activities, quality of sleep, heartbeat rate, and your overall health and fitness. Some smartphones also track your sports activities too such as swimming, cycling, walking, etc.

4. Other smart features

Using Siri, the virtual assistant on your Apply watch can enable reminders for you and also sync it with other devices. It also shows incoming calls, navigation features and enables notifications for calendar, emails, etc.

5. Entertainment

Smartphones also keep you entertained by enabling access to youtube through the watch. You can also stream other videos and play your favorite soundtracks.

6. Longer battery life than smartphones

You might wonder why to get a smartwatch when you already have a smartphone?. Smartwatches have a better battery life than smartphones and they cannot compete with this feature of the smartphone. This feature is very important in the case of long trips and emergencies.

There are many more features offered by smartwatches.Check out smart watch price india. You can also track your smartphone using your smartwatch.